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NJ Dates Dating Tips

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Dating Tips - Online Dating Tips for NJ Singles

We try to provide our members with a safe and fun atmosphere, in which they can socialize and meet new people and of course that special someone. You should search, talk to other members get involved with all of the sites features and remember to build relationships at your own pace, whether you are looking for a friendship or a long lasting relationship. Take your time and build trust

The following dating tips are to help you have a fun and safe dating experience:

• When you are messaging, emailing, texting, do not share your real full name until you are comfortable and trust the person.

DO NOT put your personal contact information on your profile or in messages. Use the site’s messaging technology to keep your identity safe until you want to share it. Stay anonymous until you feel ready to move forward. Your communication options on NJ Dates are designed to help you protect your identity until you choose to reveal it.

• We strongly encourage you to be cautious about sharing personal information that could reveal your identity. Resist the urge to provide a personal email or phone number right away, no matter how strong a connection to your match you may feel that you have. Please keep in mind that once you've given out your information, you cannot take it back! We strongly encourage you to get to know a member better through our anonymous communication system before you decide to take the next step and sharing a telephone number or email address.

Communicating with the other member on the phone is a great way to get to know each other. But before you share phone numbers, make sure you have discussed the need to respect each other's privacy, and should either of you decide to terminate the friendship in future, you should not use the phone number as a means to pursue an unwanted relationship.

Tip: Use web chat before giving out your phone number.

• Be cautious about using a sexy name. Keep in mind that, while using sexual connotations in your email address or user name might get you noticed, it probably won't attract the sort of person you'd like to share a relationship with.

• Use a current picture and be truthful in your description of yourself in your dating profile. Misleading descriptions or photos can result in infuriated feelings and can terminate a relationship before it begins. In the long run, honesty is your best policy.

• Trust your instincts. Immediately quit bothering with any individual if you feel unsure or threatened.
Tip: If you are uncomfortable with an Instant Message or email you’ve received, remember to save it as reference. We STRONGLY encourage you to block the offending member and to report the behavior to use. Remember you can block people and report concerns from your profile page.

Examples of abuse may include:
• Sending harassing messages or messages with offensive content
• Behaving strangely after having an in person meeting
• Fake profiles and registrations
• Spam or solicitation
• Asking for donations or money

Meeting Off-line: When you decide to meet face to face.

• Carefully pick the time and place of the date. Use a busy public place like a local mall or restaurant and go during the day rather then at night. Lunch dates are a great idea!

• Do not drink alcohol until you know the person well.

• Drive yourself, or schedule your own transportation, you don’t want to be stuck if the date doesn’t go well, or if you get a bad feeling.
• Tell a family member or a friend where you will be and when you will be returning. You can even call and check in with them. Considewr texting them when you arrive for your date and again when you are finished with you date.
• Always have your cell phone charged.

There's no reason that you can't meet someone special. Just use your best judgment and take precautionary measures when comunnicating or meeting with any stranger. Also remember that does not conduct any type of background checks or screenings of their members.