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Why Join NJ Dates

Why join NJ Dates?

Because in as easy as three steps you can be meeting other singles in NJ:

1) Join
2) Setup your profile
3) Get active

Free Membership:

With a free NJ Dates membership you can customize your profile, add your photos, music and videos. You can also change your background color or use a picture for your background. A free NJ Dates membership lets you express who you are in your profile!

You can play games and also invite your friends to join the site too. You can search for other members, view other member’s profiles, go into chat rooms, view blogs and start conversations by sending instant messages or emails to other members. This is all with a free NJ Dates membership!

Going mobile? You don’t even need an app! We have a mobile version for NJ Dates. So take us on the go! You can see  new members, check and send messages and search from your smart phone.

Paid Membership:

Paid NJ Dates memberships come in two types; serious daters (monthly memberships)and  casual daters (credits). For serious daters you can join for as little as $7.45/month and have full access to all of the sites features. Casual daters can use credits (that don’t expire) to access the sites premium features in a “pay as you go” way. This is great if you don’t plan on being on the site very often throughout the month.

Our paid NJ Dates membership offers the same features as our free NJ Dates membership and more. Paid members can put photos into different categories and password protect photos too! You can write blogs, join forums and groups about things that interest you. Send links to web chat and play games with other members (including free members). You can start your own chat rooms that feature your interests (maybe you like jazz or BBQ) this is a great way to meet other singles who share your interests, also get involved with online speed dating!

Other features include:


Members can tag their photos, blog posts, videos and music and it will be searchable by other NJ Dates members. So be creative with your Tags! Make them about you, about your interests. Remember someone that shares those interests may be looking for you. So help them find you!


Bookmark other member’s profiles that you've found with online speed dating or on your own to contact later or send to your friends.

Who Viewed my Profile

Let’s face it you’re not the only one checking out other NJ Dates members. So if you’re a paid NJ Dates member you can use this to see who’s been checking YOU out!

Send Profiles to a friend

So they’re not your type. Have a friend that might be interested in them? Send them an email of their profile. Hey you might be a natural matchmaker!

Remember we offer three types of NJ Dates membership plans. Which one is right for you? :

Monthly NJ Dates membership: For the Serious Dater – The benefit to this type of NJ Dates membership is you get 100% access to the site. You can do everything that is listed in the site features above.

Credit NJ Dates membership: For the Casual Dater - The benefit to this type of NJ Dates membership is if you aren’t going to be on the site all the time. Let’s say you want to go on every couple of weeks, or you don’t go back on the site for a couple of months, this is perfect for you! You purchase credits and “pay as you go”. The credits NEVER expire so come back later they’ll be there. Although, you do earn credits for signing in, referring a friend, your birthday etc.

Free NJ Dates membership: The benefit to this type of NJ Dates membership is to get a feel of the site. You are limited with features but you can get a good idea and if you’d like you can always upgrade your NJ Dates membership.

Start to date in New Jersey, this is where to find NJ singles! So get started with online dating in a fun, affordable and safe way.